Busway employees' bad manners

The Jakarta Post - I would like to share an experience concerning the bad attitude of busway employees at shelters in Kampung Melayu, East Jakarta, and in Ancol, North Jakarta.

When my children and I were queuing at the Kampung Melayu shelter recently for a trip to Pasar Senen in Central Jakarta, a busway employee impolitely warned a woman and her child not to crowd around the door of the shelter.

What I regretted was the way the employees treated the passengers. They used their elbows to prevent them from entering the shelter.

Another unexpected event occurred at the Ancol shelter when I was returning home. I decided to take the busway via Ancol in North Jakarta because the Kampung Melayu-bound buses were very crowded.

Unaware that Ancol was the last stop, I did not buy tickets for the next leg of the trip. Without an explanation, an employee at the station impolitely expelled us from the bus and asked us to take other public transportation.

I would like to say that busway employees should treat passengers humanely by prioritizing women and children.

They must speak politely to passengers, avoid improper actions toward passengers ignorant of busway fare regulations, and refrain from harsh actions.

I hope this complaint will help improve the busway service in the future and improve the behavior of some arrogant busway employees.


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