TransJakarta responds

The Jakarta Post

In response to the letter in The Jakarta Post on April 3 titled Busway service below standards, firstly we would like to thank Merikenin for delivering said feedback to the TransJakarta Management Agency.

The quality of our bus service in TransJakarta Corridors II and III is currently below the expected standard due to a shortage of buses. Out of the 31 buses planned to operate in Corridor II, only 26 are currently serving the line, whereas of the 40 buses planned for corridor III, only 35 are available. The rest of the buses are currently undergoing assembly and natural gas engine certification processes.

Consequently, the shortage of buses inevitably leads to overcrowding in Corridors II and III. The management also employs security guards to help with problems created by the overcrowding of Busway lines. They are tasked with controlling the queue line and assisting the passengers's entry to the buses.

We apologize for the inconvenience this has caused our passengers, and would like to offer our assurance that the TransJakarta Management Agency is working hard to rectify the problem.

With regards to unruly TransJakarta drivers's driving behavior, we assure our passengers that TransJakarta treats its busway drivers with the strictest discipline measures. TransJakarta Management has fired a number of its drivers for violating the service level required by the standard Operating Procedures and for driving irresponsibly.

We are available for anyone who wishes to contact us to convey his or her complaints or suggestions through our service hotline at 722-8727.

Head of TransJakarta
Busway Management Agency,

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