Bus Way system

The Jakarta Post - A new transportation system called the busway will soon be put in service in Jakarta. The busway is intended to overcome traffic problems in the city. However, in my opinion, this new system will sooner or later become part of the traffic problems.

It seems that the planners have failed to consider some serious problems. For example, the busway will operate in the elite areas such as Jl. Sudirman, Jl. Rasuna Said (Kuningan) and Jl. Medan Merdeka. In fact, Jakarta has broad, integrated and interactive traffic problems.

Another factor not thoroughly considered is that the busway will "steal" one lane on the roads where it operates, where there already are not enough lanes. The busway will use a special lane not specially built but taken from the existing lanes, according to Kompas on Nov. 5.

Therefore it will reduce the already insufficient number of road lanes, and hence the situation will go from bad to worse. What is behind all this busway business?

To make matters worse, some of the trees along the road will be cut down to make space for busway stops.

An alternative solution that is worth considering is building an underground railway system. Also trams could help ease traffic in Jakarta.

Building more asphalt roads won't solve the problem as it will just cause people to buy new cars and we will end up with more vehicles on the roads. A solution to the traffic problems in Jakarta must include all of Jakarta and its surroundings, so as to serve the interest of the majority of the population, instead of exclusively focusing on the elite parts of the city.


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